Here are some terms and conditions to know before buying Sexy Sleep products.


  • Sexy Sleep no physical store/display (offline); sales and transactions are mainly done online.
  • Sexy Sleep does not open custom product design services with its own brand (white label) of any kind.
  • Items purchased cannot be refunded.
  • Goods ready for shipping; will be checked by our quality control team.
  • Sexy Sleep cannot accept booking system of goods and purchase order system.
  • Product claims are accepted only up to 14 days after the goods reach the recipient’s address.
  • Delivery from Malang city by using third party service that is DHL / Indonesian Pos mail
  • Sexy Sleep can not guarantee the length of time for requests/requests for items that have been exhausted for restocking again due to material availability.
  • Content and Design Conditions
  • Here are some provisions related to website content and product design.
  • All designs, materials, images, bank accounts, logos, text descriptions, and articles on Sexy Sleep’s website and social media are original (pure) and belong to us.
  • co is not liable for fraud/swindle / any other criminal offense if any other, party uses any of the above materials.
  • Unauthorized reproduction of material and content from the website may not be sold or distributed for commercial purposes for the purposes of publication/work on other websites without Sexy Sleep’s permission.


Here are some provisions for transactions with coupon codes provided.

  • is not responsible for incorrect email address entry for promotional coupon code information.
  • is not responsible for losing the coupon code for 1x coupon type promotions due to missing.
  • The coupons we provide cannot be combined with other coupons.
  • If you are a subscriber, you may ask customer special discount coupons to our customer service via Email or WhatsApp.
  • The coupon period of the coupon code varies according to the date the promotion is set.
  • Coupon codes cannot be traded through any media. We are not responsible for any form of fraud, theft, and loss resulting from such sale and purchase transactions.


If there is an incorrect size or defective product, then we guarantee a suitable size. The size redemption must meet the following requirements:

  • Reduced product sizes must be in no defect or damaged condition to be assessed by our control team.
  • The product redemption must be the same product and color as those purchased at the beginning by the Customer.
  • Redemption of different size product, product price will be adjusted to the size to be replaced either refund or additional cost.
  • Complaint sizing and complaint conditions are valid only for 14 days after the goods are received at buyer’s location according to DHL / Indonesian Post Mail receipt data.
  • We are not responsible for any claim of any kind done after 14 days of delivery.
  • We guarantee 100% money back without any reason if the product is not received (misroute package) Customer within 60 days after the date of delivery according to the data of the carrier.


Return of goods must meet the following terms and conditions:

  • Customers who wish to make a product damage claim are required to send a photo of the damaged or incorrect product code and color by email to:
  • Delivery of goods due to damage/defect; postage is covered by Sexy Sleep party using DHL or Indonesian Post Mail.
  • Delivery of goods due to incorrect size to both addresses, postage is borne by the Customer using DHL or Indonesian Post Mail.
  • Defective or unsuitable items can only be exchanged for the same goods and colors as the condition of the goods has been delivered and to our warehouses.
  • The product redemption must be the same product and color as the one purchased at the beginning
  • For privacy policy and payment security information, you can see on the following page.