Do you have intimate or lingerie store and want to expand the selection of your product? Sexy Sleep provides a dynamic collection of high quality lingerie which is certain to win your clients over. Combining the creative and fresh vision design with sassy and sexy details our products sets apart from the rest when it comes to quality and design.

How Our Droppshipping Program Works?

  • Create a client base. Begin with friends and family members and ask them politely to spread the word.
  • Get and Collect Orders. Put these orders on client’s behalf on Sexy Sleep, entering in the delivery address.
  • We will deliver to your clients straight from our storeroom or warehouse. Leave the pressure of warehousing as well as order fulfillment to Sexy Sleep- you’ll never need to worry about the delivery process.

The Advantages of DropShipping Service

There are many good reasons why you must consider dropshipping with Sexy Sleep.

  • First and foremost you do not need to fret about store inventory that saves on storage as well as delivery costs. Also you do not need to work with old as well as unsold stock.
  • Second, due to the fact that we ships order from our warehouse, you do not need to manage connections with many suppliers.
  • Third, our dropshiping service has tools to allow you add huge amounts of items and products to your platform to sell your items. Thus, this could save you lots of time which will otherwise be consumed in promoting your items and other daunting and time-consuming jobs that is involved in retail fulfillment procedure.


There are many benefits of acquiring Sexy Sleep dropshipping services. Some of these benefits take account of the following:

  • You can join without shelling out any amount
  • No start-up capital needed
  • There is no need for you to hold inventory
  • There is no monthly minimum order needed
  • Set your own costs or prices as well as profit margins

If you are set to start owning your own online business, all you have to do is to complete these following steps:

  1. Select the products that you like to order for your clients
  2. Give your client’s address
  3. After confirmation of the payment for the dropship order, we will deliver the products fast.

Sexy Sleep is here to help you if you want to start up an online business or if you like to extend the product you offer to your clients. We offer high quality products, no need to have stock, and can markup the price. We will give Special Discount with coupon code for serious dropshippers. There is no minimum order needed.

How to Join

Please provide your active website/social media that you are planning to sell our nightgowns and get in touch to our team at and we will contact you soon.